In high school, Joe Quirk was known for four things: getting detention for being a smart-ass, getting A’s in biology, being horny, and having a name like Quirk. He decided to combine these four talents in his second book, which has something to do with sperm. Now he gets paid to be a smart-ass biologist, and nobody gives him a wedgie.

Joe Quirk is launching a campaign to get the science of relationships out of the science aisle and into the relationships aisle of the book store. He lectures about the biology of relationships to anyone who can’t give him detention. In some photographs it looks like he has a sperm burrowing into his head.

Quirk is also a bestselling novelist. He is the author of The Ultimate Rush, an action thriller about rollerblading. He just finished his second novel, Exult, about hang gliders who live out the Icarus myth.

Ever prolific, Joe also completed his second smart-ass science book, Tools Are From Men, Talk Is From Women; Why Your Partner’s Brain is Weird.

And his wife is hot.

Joe writes eye-catching copy for web designers, advertising firms, public relations companies, and worthy entrepreneurs … only if the company vision inspires him.

Biotech, nanotech, and artificial intelligence visionaries must submit a request to meet Quirk personally and inspire poetry.

Photo credit: Craig Merrill