The Sperm and Egg Problem

Female Promiscuity Controls the Size of Your Testicles

What Women Want
Bodies and Resumes: What Makes Us Horny

Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment, Women Cautious About Consummation
A Do-It-Yourself Home Experiment
How Men Get Sex
The Catfight Gene

The Jerk Gene
Bower Birds Teach Us How Art Evolved To Get The Groupie
Male Promiscuity Decides Your Height
Why Women Are Coy, Men Clueless

Why You’re So Horny
Darwinism: Survival of The Sexiest
How Kindness Became Sexy

Why We Are Fat
Aqua-ape: The Missing Link?
Why You Like Spielberg More Than T.S. Eliot
Let’s Face It

Love Stinks
Faked Orgasms Fool Men, But Real Orgasms Fool Women
You Don’t Have An Orgasm. An Orgasm Has You.
Why Your Clitoris Is Hard To Find

March of The Penguin Prostitutes
Free Love Causes War
Bimbos and Cuckolds: What Makes Us Jealous
Why You’re Tormented

Dying for Sex
When Your Wife Sleeps With Your Brother, and You’re Okay With That
Broad Hips, Big Butts; Broad Shoulders, Big Diction
Why Your Penis Is Easy To Find

2 Genes for 2 Types of Gay Guys
Gay Animal Parents
Homo Homo Sapiens

Why Males and Females Don’t Actually Exist
Why Men Have Nipples

The Sperm and Egg Solution
Falling In Love

In Case You Think I’m Full of It: Bibliography
People Who Deserve Acknowledgement But Not Payment

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